BeachScapes By Tracey!

A rainy day at the beach beats a sunny day at work!

BeachScapes by Tracey!

The beach in Lewes is different every day, every tide, and you never know what the tide will leave behind! BeachScapes by Tracey! are like a slice of the beach to-go - some have well defined tidelines, some have only the changing sand to depict the changing tides. All have stones & shells, some have crabs and beachgrass. I particularly love the beach after a storm, other people like the look of the public beach at Cape Henlopen ... plenty of sand, just a few shells.

I've discovered that there are lots of people like me who need a visual representation to escape the hassle and stress of real life so they can find that happy, peaceful place we all find at the beach. I'm delighted to share my BeachScapes with you.

My BeachScapes are scenes of Lewes Beach and Cape Henlopen's Point at various stages. The beach treasures were all hand picked from the beaches of Lewes. Only Lewes.

After The Storm

This BeachScape mimics the beach at Herring Point in mid-September after the storms that skirted the East Coast. The storms never actually came ashore, but the ocean was WILD and left behind many treasures! It was GREAT beachcombing!

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Old Round-Frame

This beachscape is made using an old round frame I bought in a Lewes antique shop. It depicts a summertime beach scene. Contains shells, stones, crab, beachgrass, sea glass - all found on the beaches of Lewes.

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Driftwood Lobster

Another very old frame purchased in Lewes. Lovely antique - perfect for a BeachScape! Contains a variety of shells (mussels, whelk, shark eye, clams) as well as driftwood, stones, sea glass and other treasures collected on the beaches of Lewes.

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